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Live am internationalen Yoga Tag
bei der indischen Botschaft Frankfurt

International Day of Yoga Celebration 2020

Join us tomorrow 10th June, Wednesday at 6 pm with Dirk & Meghana Fasold from Sahaja Yoga Kultur e.V. who are going to introduce the unique method of Sahaja Yoga through Self-Realization and will guide us through silent meditation.

Founded in 1970 by Dr. Nirmala Srivastava, Sahaja Yoga is based on our ancient Vedas and Puranas and begins with the spontaneous awakening of our inner Self – a personal experience being called Self-Realization. This unique method of meditation is beneficial to our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual being. Sahaja Yoga is being practiced now in more than 100 countries.

Meghana Fasold is from Pune in India. She started meditation in childhood and practicing it since then. She leads advanced SY meditation sessions. Her husband Dirk Fasold is from Germany. He became proficient in harmonium during his meditation career. He offers workshops on how to go deeper in meditation through Indian music. Both Meghana & Dirk Fasold (Frankfurt) from the Sahaja Yoga Kultur e.V. have more than 30 years of experience in meditation. SY Verein offers Stress management, corporate Health, university, school and kids meditation.

Join in to watch live
Date – WED, 10 June 2020
Time – 18:00 Hrs CET

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