Ayurveda in Berlin

Some of us went to the recent ayurveda conference at the indian embassy in berlin. It was amazing – a wholesome experience! For those who haven’t heard of ayurveda yet-it’s an ancient medical system from india. In fact, in india under the present government there’s a ministry for allopathy and a ministry for ayurveda and we learned that ayurveda centres did a good job looking after public health during the covid pandemy.. however in germany it’s regarded rather a wellness method than a real medical treatment. But its getting more and more popular! It’s actually a life style. According to your personal mix of ‘doshas’ (elements in your body, mind and psyche) there’s a healthy diet and daily routine for you and of course multiple methods of treatment if imbalances/sicknesses occur. Its a healing system that promotes health and not just treats illnesses. They say in ancient india the ayurveda doctors were paid for keeping the village healthy.. not for treating sickness. It seems like a much needed system for regulating your life in a healthy way and keeping up good physical/mental/emotional health along with spiritual fulfillment – all in cooperation with modern medicine! As the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, stated, sahaja yoga is similar to ayurveda and meditation/yoga is an integral part of ayurveda. Here comes the daily practise of sahaja yoga meditation into play. We all loved the presentation of experts on ayurveda and modern medicine. Especially the fusion of both has great potential! There were findings that the combined treatment of parkinsons’ patients with ayurveda and modern medicine showed significant benefits, even reduction of medication/symptomes and betterment of over all-state. Thanks to the organizers for welcoming us to this great conference with old-indian shlokas, yummy ayurveda cuisine and interesting scientific presentations!

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